How much gas is your dealership really paying for?


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What is GAS?

Gasoline Approval System (GAS) is a web-based, DMS-agnostic purchase order (PO) system. It’s designed to help your dealership track, manage, and control monthly gas expenses.

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Track each fuel purchase
For each PO, GAS records the stock or RO number for each entry making it easy to pull reports.
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Manage all purchase orders
Open, close, void, and reconcile your gasoline POs all in one place.
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Control the process
Pull reports showing all open POs and PO history of a stock or RO number.
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Put the brakes on fuel fraud with GAS.

Managing gas expenses and preventing error, waste, and fraud can be challenging. Fuel cards get lost or misused. Dealership management systems often have limited fuel tracking capabilities. On-site fuel pumps are a sizable and impractical investment for many dealerships. So what’s the best solution?

About Us

GAS was started in 2005 to give automotive retailers a reliable way to track and budget for gas purchases, as well as prevent theft and fraudulent expenditures.

In 2016, Reynolds and Reynolds acquired the company. With Reynolds' extensive resources and decades of automotive industry experience, GAS customers can take advantage of more software features and better control of fuel usage.

After being on GAS, we realized that our used car managers were putting $15 in every vehicle that went on a test drive.

355 Toyota

We caught the gas station clerk adding money to these fill-up tickets after our employee would leave the station.

DARCARS Chevrolet

In a time of volatile gas price fluctuations, this is an important cost control asset for us.

Tom Croxton
Circle Auto Group
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