How It Works

See how GAS helps you track, manage, and control your fuel purchases.

  1. Create

    Include details such as the person authorizing the transaction, purchase reason, department, amount authorized, and more.

  2. Print

    Print a hard copy of the PO. It includes two parts: The top half is what the employee takes to the gas station to authorize the purchase, and the bottom half is a control copy used to reconcile gas purchases.

  3. Sign

    The manager authorizing the purchase signs the top half of the PO.

  4. Purchase

    The employee takes the signed PO to the gas station and fuels the vehicle.

  5. Turn In

    The employee turns in the control copy along with the fuel receipt.

  6. Close

    After looking up the PO in GAS, a manager or controller closes it out.

  7. Reconcile

    Using the extensive reports available, your accounting team can easily reconcile your gas expenses.

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